Work on the idea of quantifying the queue demand

The flow of patients through hospitals and clinics is streamlined using a queue management system. It reduces patient wait times, avoids large lines, and provides information. Patients can join the queue Dear Dr. app, or the Dear Dr. website booking system.

Idea Of Quantifying The Queue Demand

Self-check-ins & check-outs

The reason why queues build up in most hospitals is that the number of visitors and attendants at any given time is significantly out of proportion

Show patient queue status

Once a patient joins a Dear Dr. They can track their booking status. The queue management software can be paired with all the digital signage screens across the premise, such as the cafeteria, the reception, the waiting rooms, the emergency departments, or the pharmacies

Manage appointments

Queue management systems are as helpful for hospital receptionists as they are to patients. Front desk workers can keep track of the number of patients in line and the number of no-shows

Productivity analysis

When there is a shortage of personnel, optimizing resource allocation becomes a priority. Digital queue management software can deliver real-time reporting and analytics for critical decision-making, such as anticipating peak hours to maximize staff productivity or requesting more assistance

Triage patients in an emergency

During the COVID-19 pandemic, emergency departments were one of the hardest-hit areas. Many patients hurried to the emergency room after being infected or fearing contamination

Mobile Tracking

Mobile tracking is another important feature in Dear Dr. to make sure your system sends regular notifications and reminders on the patients’ mobile phones

Key notes to on-board Doctors

Benefits of Dear Dr. for doctors
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Improved Patient Experience
  • Reduced No-Shows
  • Improved Communication
  • Better Data Management
Visions on the apps that helps Doctors
  • Integrate with Electronic Health Records (EHRs):
  • Offer Customization Options:
  • Provide Analytics and Reporting
  • Offer Telemedicine Integration
  • Provide Secure Messaging
How Dear Dr. application is safe to use for doctors
  • Data Security
  • Technical Issues
  • Communication Barriers
  • Legal and Ethical Considerations
Why doctors don’t use appointment booking app
  • Lack of Awareness
  • Resistance to Change
  • Cost
  • Technical Barriers
  • Concerns about Privacy and Security